Write Rightly / Edit Smartly!

What if you had something you needed to say, but you couldn’t find the right words?
Well, we solve that problem – just use some of ours!  

If you have something to say or a message to get out to the general public, but you just don’t know how to begin – or if you already have a manuscript or some ad copy that needs editing or proofreading – we can help bring those words into the daylight and prepare them for publishing.

Write-Rightly – Full Service Editing & Writing Agency is committed to helping get your work in front of your audience, and making you look good while we’re at it! Let us help you organize your thoughts and put your message into whatever form you believe works best for you – a book, business report, sales copy, training manual, resumé, SEO and LSI copy for your website, or any kind of writing you’ve been working on.

If you want to write a book, all you need is the idea … or even just the seed of an idea. It should be something you’re passionate about, something that you believe in, or even a new product that you’ve discovered or created. Whatever your subject matter, we can help you tell the world about it. (Click here for more specifics on writing a book.)

Write-Rightly will make sure you write like a professional – or we could actually do the writing for you. We can also do the proofreading, the editing and the formatting of your submitted files – whichever way you choose, we’re here to serve you. The decision is entirely yours.

Like the great motivational speaker, the late Zig Ziglar, always used to say: “You don’t have to be great to start – but you have to start, to be great!” If you have always had a burning desire to become a writer, let now be your time – we can help you step across that threshold. And if you only need an experienced editor or proofreader, we are happy to offer that service, as well.

Note: We edit using your choice of several style guides. If you have no specific preference, we’ll automatically apply the Chicago Manual for our U.S. clients, the Canadian Style Guide for our Canadian clients, Fowler’s for our UK clients, and MLA for all academic editing.

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